Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom-teeth extraction is a must for most people. These teeth tend to come in crooked, sideways, or not at all. They often lead to jaw problems, pain, infection, crowding, and trauma to adjacent teeth. Our doctors and surgeons work together to decide on the right time for extraction. Our goal is to make sure you’re comfortable during the procedure and your recovery.

In most cases, there just isn’t enough room in the jaw for wisdom teeth. They are an evolutionary remnant from our ancestors who had a much different diet and lifestyle than we do now.  Even when these teeth do erupt naturally, often times they are very difficult to clean and restore, and ultimately lead to infections and toothaches. We recommend most people get them out soon after they develop (between the ages of 16-21).  Having these teeth extracted will prevent them from crowding your other teeth as they push them forward and prevent jaw pain often associated with this.

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