Wonderful experience

I have been with the same dental practice for 30+ years. Needless to say I was very anxious about starting over. Dr. Marcus and his staff were very welcoming and it was a great experience. I am happy to say I found a wonderful dentist.
Valerie K.

Very professional, competent and friendly

I haven’t needed novocaine in many years, so this was a pleasant experience since I didn’t even feel it going in. The cavity was in a difficult place to get to, but was taken care of in only a few minutes. I will be happy to recommend Dr. Marcus to anyone.
Margaret L.

Thorough and welcoming

First visit with Erin. She was very thorough and explained things well. New equipment and office decor was welcoming.
Stan W.

Initial visit

My initial visit to Thames River Dental Group was outstanding. Receptionist was friendly and welcoming. Erin (hygienist) was thorough and offered a professional experience on a personal level. She was great. Met briefly with Dr. Marcus who was also welcoming and made me feel comfortable.
Leo S.

Great cleaning

I had my teeth cleaned today and, as usual, I was very pleased. A very nice job was done and I had no pain or bleeding. I recommend Thames River Dental Group to my family and friends. The remodeling is wonderful and looks very professional, and the new dental chair is so comfortable. Everything is up to date, and the staff members are all very nice and helpful.
Patricia M.

Very professional

I broke a wisdom tooth that was cutting my cheek. They fit me in right away and I’m now pain-free! The office staff was very professional and helpful, dental tech very nice and the doctor was great! Highly recommend this office.
Cheryl L.

High quality friendly service

I went to this office to see Dr. Kimmel, as recommended by a periodontist. I got to know him, and he is a great person and an excellent dentist. He did extensive work, making hybrid dentures for me. I was happy and sad to see him sell his practice. On my recent 6 month exam I got to see the revamped office. Everything was updated. Kat was efficient, and I got to meet Dr. Marcus and feel very confident with him. Staff is very friendly.
Philip H.

A great place for me and my teeth!

Dr. Kimmel is a great dentist, and a kind and considerate person. He also is meticulous in his work. He is friendly but not an over-talker! I also appreciate the new dental equipment and the new artwork on the walls. All in all, it’s a great place for me and my teeth!
Margaret C.

Service is professional and friendly

I have been going to this dentist office for several years and would highly recommend them. The staff has always been professional and friendly.
Deb S.

Would recommend to friends

The hygienist Kat is very competent, thorough and pleasant. She clearly explained the plaque issues with my front bottom teeth and gave me a special brush to use. Met Dr. Marcus briefly and he explained future issues I could have with very old crowns. I enjoyed today’s experience and feel comfortable with your competent staff. I would recommend your office to my friends.
Michael S.

Highly Recommended

I have used Dr. Kimmel for many years. I have always found the staff to be very helpful, friendly, professional and efficient. I can’t say enough good things about everyone there… I never wait to be seen, each step in the process is their priority, and the doctor always ensures that I know exactly what is needed and how he intends to approach the task. And finally, I’ve never had an unforeseen complication or had to suffer through any procedure. These folks are top-notch in their field and I give them my highest recommendation.
DeWitt T.