Archives: April 2018

Two Cleanings a Year vs Four Cleanings a Year

Personalized care is our specialty. Our hygiene team will advise you on what is a good frequency for your professional cleanings based on your oral health, your home care habits and any medical conditions you may have. The recommendation may change throughout your lifetime as you change. The six month interval was developed by toothpaste […]

Pregnancy and Oral Health

So many changes happen during pregnancy and your mouth is no exception! Healthy moms equal healthy babies. Due to the surge of hormones while you are pregnant, your gum tissues may over-react to the presence of plaque causing gingivitis or periodontal disease. If you had gingivitis or periodontal disease before pregnancy, the disease will worsen […]

Diabetes and Oral Health

Patients with diabetes are more likely to have periodontal (gum) disease than patients without diabetes. Diabetic patients are more susceptible to bacterial infections and have a decreased ability to fight infections once they occur. The bacteria associated with gum disease is no exception. High levels of bacteria in the mouth make it more difficult maintaining […]