Tooth Replacement Options

Dental Implants Support More Than Just Single Teeth

What is worse than having your tooth extracted?  Not having a replacement tooth in its place!  There are many reasons why you should replace a missing tooth including:


Aesthetics – Your smile can be affected by having your tooth extracted and the space may show when you smile, talk or laugh.

Prevents shifting or tipping the teeth adjacent to the space.

Prevents over-eruption of the tooth opposing the space.  Did you know a tooth will continue to erupt until it has something to contact with?

Enhances your ability to chew and digest food properly.

Keeps a youthful appearance by not allowing an increase in facial wrinkles when a tooth is extracted.  People with several extractions can have a “sunk in” appearance in their cheeks which gives them an older appearance.

Our doctors are highly skilled in replacing missing teeth with many types of prostheses.  Upon consultation, we can determine which procedure presents the best option for you, your smile and your long-term oral health.

Get that much-needed dose of self-confidence by taking advantage of our great dental implant services.

Dental Implants are surgically-installed prosthetic teeth that offer you a more permanent, effective and great-looking solution to missing areas in your smile.

Many times a missing tooth or teeth can drastically affect your smile’s appearance, taking away your desire to smile, laugh or even open your mouth for fear of unwanted attention or embarrassment. The vacant area can even have a negative impact on your ability to pronounce certain words and eat certain kinds of food.

A professionally-installed dental implant can help to change all that, providing you with an esthetically-pleasing replacement that restores both form and function to your smile. Our doctors are educated and experienced in all the latest advances in dental implant technology, and can give you a great-looking implant that will increase your confidence and improve your life!

Dental implants before and after

Dental implants are custom-tailored to fit your specific oral dimensions, creating a beautiful looking tooth that conforms to the texture, color and natural symmetry of your existing teeth. Unlike bridges, which depend on the adjacent teeth for support, implants are designed to match your existing bone structure and are surgically placed within your gums and jawbone, creating a strong foundation that lasts for many years to come.

Our doctors and their devoted team enjoy providing their patients with long-lasting teeth that both look and feel natural, and we can quickly determine if dental implant technology is right for you!

Boost your self-esteem, improve your comfort and defend your oral health by trusting a method proven to succeed. Our doctors provide dental implant procedures that are safe and performed with the precision and the care you deserve. You can feel at ease knowing your teeth are in the hands of our superior dental professionals, people that genuinely care about your teeth’s future.

Contact us today to discover if our dental implant services will work for you!

Do you have a decayed, damaged or missing tooth? Is it affecting the true potential of your beautiful smile?
If you answered yes to either question, perhaps it’s time to consider our porcelain crown and bridge services. Porcelain bridges play an essential role in cosmetic dentistry, and are sometimes the best and only option when it comes to fixing your teeth, and our doctors know how to put the stellar back into your smile!

The purpose of a bridge is to occupy an area left vacant by a missing tooth, to “bridge the gap” as it were, and provide the feeling and appearance of continuity in your teeth. Bridges are installed into the gap using the two surrounding teeth, which serve as both the anchors and long-term support for the new prosthetic tooth. The prosthetics we use generally consist of a porcelain crown or crowns properly sized to comfortably fit in the empty area. The result is a great looking tooth that looks and feels as natural as the rest of your existing teeth.

Dentures are a great way to put the sparkle and the shine back into your smile, providing you with the freedom to enjoy life again with a full set of comfortable, great-looking teeth. Our team wants you to experience everything the way you used to, and we’ll work with you to develop teeth that both look and feel natural and perform the simple functions you may have long been without.

Our doctors will get you started on your way towards a smile you can be proud of.  Their years of hands-on denture knowledge and experience allow them to create comfortable, realistic dentures that are rarely, if ever, mistaken for prosthetic teeth.  Our doctors and their teams are sensitive to your specific needs and take the time to determine an accurate impression of your jaw, gums and unique jaw movement.

Our offices offer both full and partial denture sets to anyone looking to restore the full power and potential of their smile.  We do our best to see that you receive the denture treatment best-suited for you, and we will always work hard to create a relaxing and comfortable dental atmosphere where your peace-of-mind is always our highest priority.  Our doctors apply a patient-centered approach to every treatment and procedure they provide, so that your experience is as fast, safe and soothing as possible.  There are many different types of partial dentures, from traditional metal framed to the new, more flexible lighter plastic framed partial dentures.  Implant supported dentures and partials can provide the best retention of any denture or partial. See Tooth Replacement Options for more information.  Our doctors will customize your denture experience to ensure that you have the best fitting, most comfortable and functional appliance specifically made for you.

Dentures may be just the thing you need to create the full and attractive smile you’ve always wanted! Contact us today to discover if our superior denture services are what you’ve been looking for.

Picture1Are you missing more than one tooth?  An implant supported bridge may be the answer.  Just like a traditional bridge, an implant-supported bridge can “bridge the gap” between two implants.  The implant placement is the same as a single implant but can have the crowns of the implants connect to crowns that take the place of a missing tooth.   Implant bridges are securely cemented in place and are a great alternative to a removable partial denture.

Partials or overdentures with locators or support bars are a great option to give a more secure fit than a traditional removable partial or traditional denture.  Three easy steps make this tooth replacement option a great solution for many patients.  Dental implants are placed in strategic locations to support a removable partial or denture.  Once healing of the implant occurs, abutments are placed on the dental implants.  Attachments are placing in your removable teeth to allow a snap type connection to the abutments.  Now your partial denture or overdenture actually snaps into place.  You have control over when you need to take out your denture such as for sleep or to perform daily oral care when brushing, flossing or during regular dental checkups.

Dentalental Implants

This is the top of the line in tooth replacement when multiple teeth are deemed hopeless.  If you are a good candidate, the same day your teeth are extracted this prosthesis can be placed.  During this placement and in the healing phase, you have teeth in place the entire time.   Teeth are extracted and implants are placed the same day.  Abutments are placed on the implants and your replacement teeth are placed on the abutments.  Your prosthesis is attached to the abutments with tiny screws which will not show when you smile or talk.   Unlike a traditional denture, this prosthesis will be secure when you chew, cough or laugh. Not only will you keep your smile the whole time, but oral bone and gum tissue will be preserved.  A beautiful smile makeover will be accomplished in a day.

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