Tooth Colored Fillings

If you’re tired of your unattractive metal fillings, tooth-colored fillings may help.

If you’re afraid or embarrassed to smile, laugh or simply move your head back, fearing people will notice the unsightly metal fillings in your teeth, then it may be time to consider the benefits of tooth-colored fillings.

Our tooth-colored fillings service provides you with virtually invisible enamel-colored fillings that blend in with the natural color of your teeth. Whether you’re looking to have filling work done or are just tired of looking at your old silver amalgam fillings in the mirror, this amazing material will give you great looking teeth while delivering the structural support and oral health benefits your smile deserves.

Tooth-colored fillings are made from a composite resin that is both safe, easy to apply. After the cavity is cleaned and prepped, or the old metal filling is removed, the composite is gently placed and shaped to match the general look and texture of the affected tooth. A special UV light is then used to quickly and easily harden the material, creating a superior quality, great looking filling nearly impossible to detect!

There are many ways to improve the appearance of your teeth and give yourself the smile you’ve only dreamt of, but none perhaps is as simple and as easy as a tooth-colored fillings treatment. Our professional dental staff, led by our accomplished and experienced doctors, will take you through the tooth-colored filling process and explain how this unique procedure may just the right fit for your teeth.

So if your self-conscious about your metal fillings and tired of holding back the full potential of your smile, contact us today! Our doctors, along with their friendly, courteous staff can install your tooth-colored fillings in just one visit and quickly return the confidence to your smile.

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